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Database of Individual Seismogenic Sources - DISS 3.2.1


DISS Working Group (2018). Database of Individual Seismogenic Sources (DISS), Version 3.2.1: A compilation of potential sources for earthquakes larger than M 5.5 in Italy and surrounding areas. http://diss.rm.ingv.it/diss/, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia; DOI:10.6092/INGV.IT-DISS3.2.1.

WMS catalogue of DISS 3.2.1


Individual Seismogenic Sources 

Composite Seismogenic Sources - top 

Composite Seismogenic Sources - planes 

Composite Seismogenic Sources (top + planes) 

Debated Seismogenic Sources 

Subduction Zones 

Subduction Contours 

Subductions (areas + contours) 

DISS 3.2.1 whose dataset 

WFS catalogue of DISS 3.2.1

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